Echo: Smarter Energy Living

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Echo New Solar Energy System

Echo Solar Energy System logoEcho is a revolutionary new solar energy system that generates not only electricity, but also heating, cooling, and fresh air ventilation. It is a complete solar solution that more than triples the efficiency of a basic solar electric (PV) system.

To compare, your average, basic solar system can only capture approximately 15% of the sun’s energy in order to generate electricity throughout any given day. The Echo Solar Energy system actually captures 50% of the sun’s energy by harnessing the solar electric PV panels to generate not only electricity, but also thermal energy.

Here’s a video that clearly explains the technology behind Echo’s smarter energy living:

More Information About What Echo Can Do for You

Here are more ways that Echo can give you the power to make the best choice to consider when going solar:

• Producing electricity plus home heating, home cooling, and water heating
• Generating significant savings on energy bills
• Supplying a state of the art monitoring system, and one of a kind iPhone ‘remote control’ that lets customers control their thermostat from anywhere
• Creating healthier home environments by replacing stale indoor air with fresh filtered outside air 6-8 times a day – Echo can deliver certified ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation

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