Easy Ways to Recycle Electronic Gadgets

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The Easy Way to Recycle Your Cell Phone and More
Recycle Gadgets Easily
Electronics in general are a big player in clogging up landfills — according to the EPA, over 3 million tons of electronic gadgetry ended up in the trash in 2003. They are also the cause of overstuffed drawers in your home office. Let’s face it, you don’t need that extra battery charger. And if Consumer Reports is correct, 2 out of 10 people own a laptop or desktop they aren’t using.

A New Way to Recycle Tech Gadgets

Stores like Office Depot offer in-store technology recycling, which is certainly a step up from chucking it in the garbage bin. However, they make you pay for it! Or you can try your luck at selling online through Amazon or eBay. Instead, it’s time to spread the word about Second Rotation.

Second Rotation, from Waltham, Mass., buys your outdated tech gear and then sells it back to others who want your stuff. Whether it’s old cell phones, gaming consoles or laminating machines, Second Rotation doesn’t discriminate against products.

How Does Tech Recycling Work?

It’s relatively simple: answer some questions about your gear and they will give you a quote. For example, an old 60G iPod gets you around $100. If you agree to the price, they will give you a form so you can ship it to them free. After a quick inspection, they pay you through PayPal or check. If you do not like the offer given after inspection, get your stuff back. The gadgets sell back to others who will love them better than you ever could. Easy, right?

Other sites out there cater to specific items. You can resell broken iPods or busted cell phones online. Apple has its own recycling program, and the Basel Action Network compiled a list of responsible e-cyclers per geographical region.

Just Mail It Cell Phone Recycling Program

Nearly 125 million cell phones are thrown away in the U.S. annually. Sherwood Folee came up with another idea: the “Just Mail It” recycling program, which exponentially simplifies the process of recycling your cell phone.

His idea is for manufacturers to stick a postage paid return label inside your phone’s battery case cover. When it’s time for you to change phones, you “just mail it” and know you are doing your part to cut down on electronic waste.

For more information regarding electronic recycling, check out Earth 911 dot org.

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