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Earth First: Regional Green Revolution

Maine Earth First Logo

Maine Earth First

With the green revolution always needing a new front leader and a more aggressive push towards action and away from complacency, the Earth First organization has stepped in to fill a void when it comes to environmental protection initiatives. Offering themselves as the alternative and solution to the following problems: wimpy environmental groups, overpaid corporate environmentalists, reductionist approaches of scientists, Earth First promotes effective, direct action as the only way to go.

It seems that the protection of wilderness across the country is the principal struggle for Earth First, and by allowing regional groups to franchise off of the main mother organization, they’ve successfully created a template for widespread action and success all over the country. Earth First notes that they “have succeeded in cases where other environmental groups had given up, and have drawn public attention to the crises facing the natural world.”

The Earth First Movement was named in 1979, in direct response to lax corporate environmental efforts, and have since leveraged grass roots spirit and organization, legal action, and civil disobedience in service of their agendas. Citing a distinct difference between organization and movement, Earth First notes there are no members, only Earth Firsters. This comes from “a belief in biocentrism, that life of the Earth comes first, and a practice of putting our beliefs into action.”

Regional Development and Spread of Earth First

Part of the success of the model here is the widespread inclusion of various energies that Earth First promotes. Anyone from diehard tree huggers to daily vegans to buddhist practitioners has a home here: as long as they can agree that direct action is the key to success in the movement. In order to form a movement in your local area, Earth First recommends becoming familiar with the ecological issues that most immediately threaten your local region. This is serious triage here, so nothing helps more than an educated and sincere individual.

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