E-Cycle Environmental: Computer Recycling Made Easy

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E-Cycle Environmental: Environmentally Friendly Office Recycling
E-Cycle Environmental
E-cycle Environmental provides companies an easy and safe way to dispose of retired electronics while keeping those very same companies in compliance with federal and state laws. Their offer? Let them help you free up wasted office space and conserve our environment.

It’s been common knowledge for several years that computer technology, ever on the rise and constantly evolving, creates its own obsolescence in very short cycles. E-Cycle Environmental finds that “it is estimated that nearly 65 million computers will be retired in 2007.” Given staggering numbers such as these, anyone working in an office environment needs to consider just how much computer waste they might create, and exactly how best to dispose of it.

Further, this computer equipment has the potential to wreak havoc on the environment, considering the wasteful components included in the parts: toxins such as cadmium, lead and mercury are regularly in the mix when you consider parts such as printers, computers and computer monitors. Were we to merely toss old computer parts in the trash bin, we’d be tossing the toxic pollutants into our water and land.

Read more about E-Cycle Environmental’s recycling process here.

To contract their services, find out more about contacting E-Cycle Environmental here.

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  1. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average amount of trash created by people currently living in the United States is over 4 pounds of trash and other wastes each and every day. This is a magnificently large percentage for just one person alone. With this statistic, imagine how many earthly attractions and regions will be destroyed from accumulations of garbage.

  2. I think we all need to do something about the tons of electronic wastes we are producing daily. I already gave up my old phones at home to this mobile recycling site and I am glad I did. I even got money from it.

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