Don't Underestimate the Importance of Vitamins

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Minding the Basics When Looking at Your Health

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If you’re healthy, then you already know about the importance of getting your vitamins. And if you scratch below the surface just a little bit, then you also already know that getting the most out of vitamins means knowing a bit more information. It’s not enough to just grab a multi-pack of ten horse pills, pop open the package, and take a gulp of water before calling it a day to your healthiness.

So what else is there to know? Well, some vitamins prevent optimal absorption of other vitamins. Some vitamins act in conflict with others. Some vitamins are easily absorbed by the body in liquid form, some vitamins you can get plenty of through regular live fruits and veggies. In this article, we’ll take a brief look at some basic concerns with vitamins, and leave the in-depth research to you before you take a handful of pills.

Getting the Most Out of Your Vitamin Intake

So what is there to know about vitamins? Let’s look at the obvious vitamins here, and examine some common, yet often overlooked, concerns. What about B Vitamins, for instance? Taking your daily dose of B Vitamins often gets connected or associated with heart health. This has not been proven to a conclusive degree, however, though many studies have found that Vitamin B helps to prevent birth defects (the folic acid found in the vitamin). But Vitamin-B might not be enough. Try taking a B-complex vitamin instead, and get the most out of the intake.

What about Vitamin C? Vitamin C is like the football quarterback AND the homecoming queen of high school rolled into one vitamin. What is he talking about? It’s the most popular vitamin out there. Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, then you’ve probably heard about the powerful antioxidant properties, and how taking Vitamin C (and other antioxidants) can help to prevent the disastrous cell damage that generally results in aging and disease. Most professionals and experts agree that somewhere between 500 and 1,000mg daily dose of C is plenty, though there are some mavericks like Dr. Gary Null who argue for more Vitamin C.

Last, let’s go over yet another very popular vitamin, E, which is often connected with helping out skin, hair, and nails. And yes, it does prevent aging of these body parts, as well as promoting the health of your heart, respiratory system, and more. It’s also good for your brain, according to experts. The amount of vitamin E you actually need on a daily basis depends entirely upon your age. Learn more about how much Vitamin E you should take here.

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  1. Good article. Vitamins are vital to health and if possible people should get it from the foods that they eat and in their diet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen so vitamin pills definitely have their place.

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