Bloggers Complain, Dell Listens About Green Issues

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Dell Computers Listen to Bloggers About Packaging Waste
Dell Computers to Promote Green Packaging
After angry rants from tech bloggers across the country, Dell has decided to take heed and listen concerning their unbelievable waste in shipping tiny electronic products.

Dell has already made the claim it wants to be the greenest technology company in the world. At FORTUNE Brainstorm: GREEN, CEO Michael Dell announced his plans to make sure the computer company would remain as eco-conscious as possible.

“Ten years from now,” said Dell, “we will look back and credit ‘green’ IT for helping to mitigate the effects posed by climate change, strengthen global industries and chart a new and prosperous low-carbon economy.”

But bloggers from top tech sites The Consumerist showed photos of Dell’s insincere promise of packaging, including a giant box that held nothing more than a 2GB flash drive.

Dell’s Now Getting Greener — Thanks, Bloggers!

Instead of ignoring the issue, Dell decided to come up with some packaging solutions. Now, flash drives and other small items are going to be shipped in envelopes. Later on, after an optimization analysis of product volume, smaller boxes will be used to ship out products.

On top of this, Direct2Dell has a section titled IdeaStorm for those who want to point out hypocritical behavior, like the packaging problem. Go to and tell Dell directly what your environmental beef is with their company. It may not be an overnight change, but it certainly proves that talking back to big corporations about environmental issues means they might start listening.

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