Clean Energy Works Oregon

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Clean Energy Works Oregon: Who They Are

Join the Future with Clean Energy Works Oregon. A new nonprofit that helps energize your homes by making energy efficiency upgrades affordable and easy.

Who Is Clean Energy Works Oregon ?

According to the website, “Clean Energy Works Oregon (CEWO) is a non-profit program established to reduce energy waste by encouraging homeowners to take direct action. CEWO is transforming the old into new, restoring our communities and reviving our economy. Our plan is to transform at least 6,000 homes in only three years.”

CEWO’s mission is to transform homes that currently “waste” energy into homes that are both more comfortable and infinitely more energy efficient. More comfortable? Think

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about it. How would you like to spend less money, but end up staying cooler in the hot summer and even warmer in the winter. That, my friends, would be amazing. So how do they do it?

“Homeowners have energy efficiency improvements within their reach. The CEWO program offers no-money-down, easy financing and simple qualifications. Plus, it can offset future energy costs, particularly as they rise. This is made possible because of devoted partnerships between public, private and non-profit interests including our utility companies, local lenders, local governments, Energy Trust of Oregon, the Oregon Dept. of Energy and the U.S. Dept. of Energy. CEWO is a model for how we can all work together successfully for a common cause.”

What Is Hammer & Hand, Anyway?

Hammer & Hand is a design and build firm in Portland, Oregon that promises as part of their mission that they work quite differently from the rest of the builders — why? Because they believe that “the product is key. But a great product alone doesn’t cut it.”

Hammer & Hand states that they are “dedicated to creating an unparalleled product [and] bring expert craftsmanship, building science and project management acumen to every job we undertake” while remaining “passionate about building the best of the best.”

So here’s the way to do it — Check out Hammer & Hand first — they will help you put the new $2000 energy savings rebate being offered by the CEWO program to good use, transforming your home into a model of energy efficiency, and ultimately putting a lot more money back into your wallet. Make sure to use their code: “CNHHA.”

The message from Hammer & Hand looks like this: “It’s 2012. You can expect better performance from your house. We’ve got the building science today to make it happen, and the rebates and financing available through Clean Energy Works Oregon will allow you to accomplish it all with no up-front costs. Apply to CEWO with instant rebate code CNHHA to get started.”

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