Chinese Solar Company Accuses U.S. of Dumping Polysilicon

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US Companies Allegedly Dumping Polysilicon Overseas in China

Samsung Cell PhoneIn recent news, there seems to be some slinging of mutual mud across the aisle in United States / China industrial and economic relations, as it pertains to both green tech issues, as well as the solar economy.

During the same year that both countries’ economic markets will surpass the one-gigawatt hurdle of annual installed solar, it seems relations are tense and the situation is at best, enflamed. If there’s a contest going on here, the U.S. hit the mark in September, and China is on course to clear the barrier by end of year (according to solar analysts GTM Research).

And as part of this, each country is accusing the other, and proceeding with formal investigations into illegal dumping of below cost solar and green tech materials on the others soil and into each others’ markets.

U.S. Company SolarWorld Alleges China Exports Panels Below Cost

As SolarWorld, a U.S. company, claimed recently, China is allegedly dumping below-cost solar panels into the U.S. market. According to sources, “the U.S. Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission opened their year-long investigation in November.”

In a very recent retaliatory measure, apparently now China has also proceeded with the venting of a claim that United States companies have been illegally dumping polysilicon feedstock on Chinese soil, supposedly forcing a number of Chinese companies into bankruptcy.

According to an article on Green Tech Solar, “Domestic Chinese manufacturers have asked their Ministry of Commerce to launch a dumping and subsidy investigation into sales of U.S. solar cells in China, according to China Daily. The China Photovoltaic Industry Alliance (CPIA) is finalizing a complaint alleging that U.S. manufacturers are selling their products at prices below cost in China, according to the same article.”

And in further reporting, “The Chinese alliance is also preparing another petition regarding an investigation into subsidies allegedly received by U.S. manufacturers. Recall that the SolarWorld claim identifies a number of subsidies that China’s government provides to their solar industry, including below-market costs on raw materials and discounts on energy and land. CASE, a U.S. organization comprised of MEMC and a number of downstream players disagrees with the trade action as a strategy.”

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