Champion AC Review: Air Conditioning Services, San Antonio, TX

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Air Conditioning Repair: Champion AC, San Antonio, Texas

Air Conditioning RepairAir conditioning systems inevitably fail — especially in high-usage climates. Some may last decades with only minor, affordable repairs, while others quickly become more costly than they’re worth. So, when does it become more affordable to replace rather than repair an AC system?

Fortunately, air conditioning experts Champion AC in San Antonio, TX have created a useful chart based on average AC lifetime statistics in South Texas to help make the call on when air conditioning repair makes financial sense. While there’s still guesswork to be done, their years of expertise and data collection are an excellent jump-off point for anyone looking for an efficient and affordable air conditioning solution.

Air Conditioning Replacement in San Antonio and Beyond

Air Conditioning ReplacementIf you do make the decision to replace your air conditioning system, Champion AC offers a variety of brand-name air conditioning systems to suit your specific needs. As strong supporters of the push for clean, renewable energy, they have a number of solar air conditioning units available. Solar air conditioning is playing an ever increasing role in the movement toward zero-energy buildings, which have zero net energy consumption and produce no carbon emissions.

Not only are there obviously ecological benefits–namely, curbing the impact of climate change–there are additional fiscal benefits. More efficient air conditioning systems which use renewable, solar power also cost less to operate. Even a marginally more efficient system can lead to major cost-savings over time, especially when they’re used on a consistent basis.

Champion AC’s experienced technicians are on-hand for consultations to help you determine the best way to save you money at the same time as reducing the environmental effects of air conditioning. Let them ease your conscience (and your finances) and you’ll quickly find that air conditioning replacement can be a no-brainer.

Air Conditioning Systems From Champion AC, San Antonio, Texas

Air Conditioning SystemsYou can browse a variety of air conditioning systems at Champion AC’s user-friendly website. Every major manufacturer from Amana to Trane is represented in their stock, giving you the full range of options to choose from. Many models are SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rated and qualify for Energy Star incentives and other rebates that make them more affordable in the short-term–in addition to the long-term energy and cost-savings.

The Value of Energy Efficiency in Hot Cities Like San Antonio

SEER rated models at Champion AC come in an assortment from 13 to 18 SEER, most being at or over the Energy Star-qualifying 14 SEER. A $300 federal income tax credit is available for air conditioning systems that meet or exceed that rating. A few hundred dollars makes a big difference when tax-time comes around and also in terms of factoring the purchase or repair of an air conditioning system in to your annual finances. More efficient systems also yield more cost-savings over time, which, depending on energy costs, can ultimately mean a significant amount of money.

According to the Energy Star website, if every air conditioner sold met their standards, it would prevent nearly a billion pounds of yearly greenhouse gas emissions. It’s hard to put a price on reducing the effects of climate change, but climatologists unanimously agree that action needs to be taken immediately. In light of some of their more catastrophic predictions, you’ll be glad you went to a company that’s ahead of the curve when it comes to environmentally friendly air conditioning systems.

The Bottom Line for Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement

Champion AC San AntonioWhatever your situation, Champion AC’s expert technicians will find a solution that will work first and foremost for you. You can rest assured that everything will be tailored to your specific needs and budget. Their knowledgeable and skillful team can help you choose between the incredible range of models they stock, as well as with any repair, maintenance and installation your air conditioning system may need.

You can also be confident that what you choose will be better for the environment; even their least expensive models are drastically more efficient than many competitors’ offerings. All in all, Champion AC provides an affordable, environmentally conscious and site-specific service for the financially-savvy consumer.


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