Cell-Level Healing With Joyce Hawkes, PhD

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On the Subject of Cell-Level Healing
Joyce Hawkes, PhD.
Dr. Joyce Hawkes, a biophysicist and cell-biologist by training, completed her doctorate in Biophysics at The Pennsylvania State University. She was later awarded a postdoctoral Fellow with the National Institutes of Health.

Hawkes is currently a Fellow in the American Association for the Advancement of Science. During her 15 years of work through that association, she has earned an international reputation for her scientific contributions in the field of ultra high-speed laser effects on cells, and the effects of environmental pollutants on cells. She has published 36 peer-reviewed scientific papers.

Question Posed to Dr. Joyce Hawkes on Cell-Level Healing
Taken from the Website of Dr. Joyce Hawkes.

What do you mean by Cell-Level Healing? Most people understand that if our cells are healthy, we are healthy, and if our cells are sick, we’re sick. Are you suggesting there’s more to it than that?

Answer From Dr. Joyce Hawkes About the Concept of Cell-Level Healing

To maintain a healthy body or to heal a sick one requires constant action from our cells. Most of our cells have full capacity for self-healing and repair for the maintenance of a healthy internal environment. These cells deal with toxicity brought into the body from the external environment or from cytotoxins produced by internal bacteria, or the damaging biochemistry of stress.

We can work with our bodies through our cells by using tools available in Cell-Level Healing. The Bridge from Soul to Cell to support the information, power, action and communication of our cells for their natural work in maintaining a healthy internal milieu. The Bridge is the self-healing awareness that links our mind-body mechanisms for conscious healing action.

In my own office, I see new and amazing results each time I work with clients. I continue to spend extra time with each client, teaching the basics of the cellular part of their healing needs. Together we explore new ways of working with both consciousness and physicality for health. The results are excellent. This work is about finding ways to work profoundly at the sites where action can indeed have a beneficial effect… those amazing cells, our source of biological life.

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  1. Hi, I plan to purchase your book and gain insight into some amazing things that are happening to me with sunlight, light from lightbulbs and my eyes. I believe I have healing powers with stones that I find when I see them shine intense light at me from the parking lot ground outside my home. When I look into the stones, I see a strange light source with a blue center and when I hold them to a candle and look into the light source from the candle into the stone, I am able to look at what appears to be a magnification that is unbelievable. I see light within stones, crystal and other reflecting objects and can see them at a magnification level close to cellular. I see the rays of the sun following my car as I drive. I see rays from a candle streaming out at different points and can intensify or lessen the rays with my eyes. I find light colored extremely tiny flecks of something that I pick up with scotch tape. When I hold them to the light, they change color. I can also look into them and magnify them to the cellular level. I often see colors in many arrangements, patterns and layers. And, another interesting thing to note: the cover of your book actually has a design pattern that one of the clear stones I found outside shows me, like buds of flowers unfolding in pink colors, that I am able to see into very deeply. I feel like my eyes see into things that light shines on at 3 different levels, normal every day human level, then the light source with blue center level (I see these in my eyes as well), and then it feels like an aperature opens up to another level and I am looking into a strange world of shapes and sizes and nothing recognizably human. One day I wore sunglasses and noticed something strange at the corner of my eye. The sun was intensly strong and shining into my prescription sunglasses. It was so odd and surreal that I had to take another look, I realized I was looking at my eyelid and eye at a magnification that made my pores look like some strange surreal creature. Needless to say, I know I have an amazing gift which must have to do with healing with light, and I am trying to find my life path with my gifts. I would like to take your class in Rhinebeck but cannot, if you are ever in the NYCity/NJ area, there is much I could tell you about what I am able to see and would appreciate talking more to you about my gifts.
    Beth Cofone 908-240-6012

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