Cash for Mobile Phones UK Mobile Phone Recycling Website

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New Mobile Phone Recycler Website in the UK

Cash for Mobiles UK

Cash for Mobiles UK

Competition in the marketplace for mobile phone recycling for cash is heated, and it’s no wonder why. This is a terribly important and necessary action that so many of us will inevitably be taking part in, given the expansive reach of hand-held technology, and the ubiquitous nature of mobile phones. Technology evolves rapidly, making gadgets such as mobile phones completely obsolete, often in just a matter of months. Added to that, feature capability increases, you switch jobs, next thing you know — your phone doesn’t do all that you need it to do.

So you buy a new one, and bin the old. Right? Well don’t throw away your old mobile phone this time!

Somebody out there wants it and will make good use of it! In terms of the environment, there are plenty of hazardous, toxic metals and substances within the inner-workings of every mobile phone — things that you wouldn’t want to just dump into a landfill or allow to make their way into water runoff. No way. So you need to make sure that your old mobile phone ends up in the hands of a professional, who can with skill, take apart your phone and make sure to re-use and recycle, or at least properly dispose of, those toxic materials.

How Cash for Mobile Phones UK Works

Enter into the picture a site like Cash for Mobile Phones UK, where you can search for your phone in a database, identify the value of the mobile phone, and then get connected with a reseller who will purchase your phone from you for cash, thereby solving several issues all at once. You get to make sure your old mobile phone doesn’t do any unnecessary or irreparable damage to the environment. Are there really sites out there offering cash for mobiles?! Yes! You get to receive money for your old mobile phone, which you would not receive had you thrown your phone in the bin, and which you are most certainly entitled to (the cash, that is!). You hardly have to do anything besides a quick online search, and a dropping of the phone in an envelope and then into the post.

In order to sell mobiles for cash, you just log on to the site like Cash for Mobile, which caters to mobile phone resellers in the UK. Think of all the good you’ll be doing for the environment, and if that’s not enough, then think of the extra cash you’ll be putting into your pocket. The process is just way to easy not to do your part and take advantage of this useful service. The process is simple. Search for your phone first. See exactly how much your obsolete mobile phone is actually worth. Then send your mobile phone to the company free of charge. They provide you with a padded envelope and free post label — just pop your phone into the envelope and find a post box. And that’s how you get cash for mobile phones, while doing your part for the planet! The company tests your phone, and makes sure that you meet their terms and conditions. Then they send you cash, and you’re on your way.


  1. Recycling phones really is easy! I know that people have issues with trying to trust companies, but in companies like Mazuma, Envirofone, RPC Recycle and Mopay are really reputable and pay quickly.

  2. I’ve used a number of the phone recycling services in the UK before and as you point out the industry appears to be hotting up. Apparently the older phones are the ones that are really worth money; the older it is the more likely it is to contain precious metals!

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