Buying Local Applies to Big Industry, Too

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Going Green Is for the Big Companies?

green manufacturing in the U. S.

Going green shouldn’t be considered an effort only to be applied to individuals and homes, or office workers and the working environment. Sure, small efforts performed every day, on the road or in the home, all add up to something meaningful and substantial. But what about larger gestures? And large-scale efforts performed by companies of gigantic sizes?

The answer is yes. Going green and becoming a bit more sensitive to the needs of the environment is something we all need to consider, regardless of the reach we have in the world. Individuals and large companies alike can take concerted efforts to go green, and to make a positive impact on the planet. Or at the very least, to reduce the negative impact we (or they) are already creating.

Let’s take a look at big industry, and some ways they can go green.

Manufacturing Companies Can Go Green Today

Some states and concerns refer to it as “Lean Manufacturing” rather than green manufacturing. And what they mean by the term is the cost effectiveness of going green — knowing full well that often, the best way to create action out of inaction is to ask a CEO to look at the bottom line first. When there is substantial savings to be had for implementing green efforts, there is typically little inertia.

Eliminating waste, reducing costs, changing behavior in the manufacturing plants, putting effort towards creating secondary uses for castoff materials, using less energy and power or shutting down parts of the plant when not in use — all of these efforts go a long way. And recycling! Wherever there are a few hundred or thousand employees gathered, there you will also find a terrific opportunity.

And what about comparing the idea of “local” from something like farmers markets and local food production, with other types of manufacturing? Companies like All-Flo, makers of high performance diaphragm pumps, pride themselves on manufacturing their products in the U. S.

This cuts down on the costs of transporting materials and finished products overseas, and puts the company in a competitive position in a number of ways. Pricing, finding and retaining employees, touting local issues and environmental practices in marketing materials, to name a few. And for other businesses that need products like these pumps, they are now offered the opportunity to “buy local” and reduce their own carbon footprint. Everybody wins.

In a word, the bigger the company, the more significant the impact of small steps. Implement a recycling program. Reduce energy use. Create a green culture among employees, and offer incentives for ridesharing, for example. When a large company does just a few things, the effect is multiplied exponentially by virtue of the fleet of employees.

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Are you part of a large-scale company who is making great progress in going green? Let us know about your story in the comments section below, or consider contributing a guest blog post today!

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