Bush Speech Kind of Changes Stance on Global Warming

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President Bush Delivers Climate Change Speech
Bush Speech on Climate Change
President Bush changed his views on global warming, proposing the new yet vague target of stopping greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

Among the other changes Bush called for include reducing emissions from electric power plants. “To reach our 2025 goal, we will need to more rapidly slow the growth of power sector greenhouse gas emissions so that they peak within 10 to 15 years and decline thereafter,” said Bush in his speech.

What Bush’s Change On Global Warming Says

Until now, the Bush administration has opposed a mandatory “cap-and-trade” approach. In this speech, the president does not shut out the idea of market-based approaches to curb rising greenhouse gas emissions. “We aren’t necessarily against cap-and-trade proposals,” White House press secretary Dana Perino said, but “what we’ve seen so far from Congress is not something that we can support.”

“There are a number of ways to achieve these reductions,” said Bush, “but all responsible approaches depend on accelerating the development and deployment of new technologies.” Bush is still opposed to a Senate bill that requiring mandatory caps on greenhouse gas emissions, saying those kind of proposals are economically harmful.

Bush’s Climate Change Policies

The thing about Bush’s proposal is that there are no specific plans laid out, but rather an outline of changes that need to occur, as well as principles he feels that Congress needs to follow in order to draft legislation on climate change. Instead of finishing off his term on a positive note and fully changing, or even somewhat changing his global warming policies, Bush has simply come up with a speech to make it seem as though his administration is doing something to fix the problem. All it does is shape the debate on environmentalism without committing to anything.

Compare this non-speech to the three presidential hopefuls in both political parties and you’ll find far more forward-thinking and innovative measures to stop global warming, including mandatory caps.

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