Biodiversity: Why Conserving Wildlife Is Important

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Biodiversity and the Natural Environment

Biodiversity is the different variety of living beings within an ecosystem or in our planet. It is a measurement on the health of ecosystems. Biodiversity also take part in the function of climate. In terrestrial habitats, tropical areas are rich in species whereas polar areas support lesser species. The conservation of biodiversity is inevitable for the survival of men.

Wildlife conservation is the preservation, protection, and restoration of the endangered species. Wildlife represents all the wild animals and birds living in their natural habitats. We have many rare animals, birds on earth. However, the pressure of increasing population has led to the extinction of them.

List of Major Threats to Wildlife

  1. Loss of habitat: Natural wildlife habitat areas are diminishing each year because of human invasion.
  2. Climatic changes: Plants and wildlife are sensitive to climates so, they will be harmed by any change
    in it.
  3. Pesticides and toxic chemicals: Pesticides make the environment toxic to certain plants, and animals.
    In addition to it, many chemicals are toxic to wildlife including mercury, petroleum by-products, solvents
  4. Hunting: Unregulated hunting cause a major threat to wildlife. Along with this, mismanagement of
    forest department and forest guards increases this problem.
  5. Natural calamities: Floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, lightning, forest fires etc. destroy wildlife.
  6. Pollution: Pollutants released into the environment cause danger to a wide variety of organisms.
  7. Over-exploitation: Exploitation of wild populations for food has resulted in their extinction (over-
  8. Accidental deaths: Accidental deaths of animals and birds are also a threat.

Steps Taken for Wildlife Conservation

So many steps have been taken place to protect endangered plants and animals along with their habitats. The aim of wildlife conservation is to ensure that nature will be there for the future generations to live. In addition, another one is to teach the importance of wildlife to human beings. There are many government agencies dedicated for wildlife conservation and they implement policies designed to protect wildlife. Numerous independent organizations also promote the conservation of wildlife.

All over the world, many wildlife conservationists work to identify the species, which are in need of help. They often capture animals and breed them in captivity. This is to make the population large and diverse. The need of wildlife conservation is also considered to be balanced with other requirements such as hiking, camping, and hunting etc.

Importance of Wildlife Conservation

As there is a high degree of deforestation, efforts are being made by some wildlife conservationists to protect the endangered species of wildlife and those who are on verge of extinction. Conservation of wildlife is important for these reasons:

  1. Natural beauty: Because of their unique features, wildlife increases the natural beauty of the earth.
  2. Economic value: As it supplies many valuable substances, its economic value is important.
  3. Scientific value: Scientists have gathered valuable knowledge about various plants and animals. They
    discovered important medical products by studying wildlife.
  4. Survival value: Wildlife helps to keep the balanced living systems, which ensure survival of life.

Frequently Asked Questions: How Important Is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity provides basic human needs such as food, shelter, and medicine. It keeps ecosystems. It enriches the soil and purifies water. It also protects us from flood and storm. It regulates climate. It is very important. Is there any need to consider the endangered or threatened species of plants and animals at the expense of human and capital development?

As it helps to provide our basic needs, we must consider the endangered or threatened species of plants and animals at the expense of human and capital development. Therefore, we must realize the importance of biodiversity and destined to protect our wild life.

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