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Better Medicine Site Provides Users With Easy Access to Information on Wellness

Better Medicine Healthy Living Information

If you care about your personal health, both in terms of whatever medical conditions might be plaguing you at any given time, as well as your general and total picture of wellness, then you’re likely among the thousands of Internet users who every day scour various websites in search of authoritative and informative answers to the questions surrounding healthy living.

So how do you decide which sites are worthy of your time and attention? Where do you look for guarantees that the information has been vetted by trained medical professionals, whether they’re of the western medical variety or a more holistic eastern approach?

Take, for example, a site like Better Medicine, which in its mission statement, offers that they strive “to provide the most complete, objective and helpful health information on the web.” In order to do this, they have created what they refer to as “health centers,” or easy to use categories of information pertinent to and divided by age and gender. Women’s health issues like birth control options and OB/GYN information are categorized under the Women’s Health Center, for example, making navigation of the site very straightforward. And sussing out quality information from the not-so-helpful surely starts with how that information is organized.Better Medicine: A Helpful, Easy-to-Use Website for Health and Wellness Information

Better Medicine also features a wealth of information pertaining to some of the most common illnesses and diseases pertaining to human being’s health, including guides that help a person to understand allergies. Did you know that an allergic reaction “…is caused when the immune system mistakenly identifies a normally harmless substance as damaging to the body”? With a combination of both simple facts and an editorial policy that dictates a rigorous approach to all of the content published on the site, the publishers behind Better Medicine ensure that all of the articles and information on the site is has been subjected to “extensive review by medical professionals.”

Part two of where to spend your time when searching for health answers: make sure the information you’re bothering to read and consider has been vetted for veracity and helpfulness.

Not All Health Issues Come Down to Curing a Disease: What About Preventive Medicine?

If you’re looking for information on the factors contributing to heart disease, you’ll find that on Better Medicine, but what about information for a generally healthy person looking to make sure their health profile stays that way well into the future? Preventive medicine and health care is pertinent to many people whose lives are focused on better living, yoga, conscious meditation or healthy dieting. And Better Medicine has information to help people in this position out, too.

Better Medicine Stress InformationTake for instance, the Stress Center on Better Medicine, where a person looking for more information on how to better manage life’s causes for worry, will find tons of helpful clues to assist in the management of stress. From simple definitions, to details on the causes and effects of stress, to the impact on the body that stress has and the role it might play in disease, spending an hour on Better Medicine will result in the creation of a better-informed individual, and all of it is free.

From the Editors of Better Medicine:

Better Medicine’s editorial policy is guided by four pillars of editorial integrity in all content that is produced and published on our site. The four pillars are: accuracy, timeliness, transparency and privacy.This site, however, is not intended to provide medical care. For specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment, always consult your doctor. All information on this site is for educational purposes only.

Now, personally, I have asthma, and I’ve had it since as far back as high school. Typically, it’s pretty manageable, and rarely does it flare up. But sometimes it does. With just a quick glance around Better Medicine, given their informative “Avoiding Asthma Triggers” article, I can see there are several factors that I could work on mitigating both in my home and my life, in order to better manage the occasional flare-up of asthma. Which leads me to believe that the site might be extremely useful for a wide variety of people experiencing different health problems.

From an editorial perspective, Better Medicine ensures that “All content is medically reviewed by at least one medical professional.[Their] content is backed by evidence from sources such as articles in peer reviewed journals, government bodies, objective health organizations and medical groups of specialists. The name and credentials of the medical reviewer(s) are printed at the end of the article.”

Of course, if you are going to look for diagnoses online, the best thing that you can possibly do is to consult an actual health care professional, and Better Medicine stresses to its users that this is vital for proper treatment of anything ailing the body. So start your journey at a place like Better Medicine, and go to your doctor or health professional a better, more informed individual taking control over the picture of their total health.

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