Baggy Shirts: Reusable Bags With Style

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The Lowdown on Baggy Shirts: Reusable Bags for Shopping in Style
Baggy Shirts Logo
BaggyShirts is a company that creates reusable bags that are actually made from recycled clothing. They take the reduce-reuse-recycle slogan to another level with this eco-friendly business.

According to their site, “BaggyShirts tote bags can be used as grocery bags, bike bags, yoga bags, wine bags — use your imagination!”

Reusable Bags Made From Old Cotton Shirts?

Founded by Jan Ramos and Dana Miller, “friends and next-door neighbors who became extremely concerned about the serious state of our precious Planet Earth” one day in Denver. Like many, Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth film was the call to action — specifically the words from the film’s co-producer Laurie David, who said in an interview for each person listening to do one thing in order to help reverse the effects of climate change.

Considering the overuse of plastic bags in our country, and the adverse effects this has on the planet and natural ecosystems, BaggyShirts was born with the tagline: “Reusable Bags Made From Recycled Clothing for a Healthier Planet.”

How Baggy Shirts is a Sustainable Business

According to BaggyShirts, they have adopted the following as eco-friendly, sustainable business practices:

–Purchase recycled men’s shirts obtained from warehouses of surplus goods collected from charitable organizations – no petroleum-based materials.
–Use the entire shirt – absolutely no waste.
–Prevent clothing and tens of thousands of paper and plastic bags from going to the landfill each year.
–Employ LOCAL artisans to fabricate bags at home, slashing carbon emissions by 80% to 90%. No overseas manufacturing.
–Pay our fabricators a livable wage that is above average for the industry.
–Operate with the least possible amount of negative environmental impact – we ship Internet orders in recycled and recyclable materials.
–Donate a portion of our proceeds to organizations that work to stop global warming.
Baggy Shirts Sample
The bags and products at BaggyShirts range in price from $10 to $35, which covers a lot of ground. At $10, you can pick up the Reusable Wine/Water Bottle Bag, while at the other end of the range, purchasers can also find the One-of-a-kind 3-piece reusable bag set (small, medium and large), hand made from recycled shirts, all of which are washable 100% cotton. For the anxious of heart, most orders ship within 48 hours.

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  1. Beautiful, Funky and Sustainable and I could not agree more. Loving the design look and feel of these unique tote bags. What people don’t seem to realise is that tote bags can also be fashionable they are not just for shopping.

    Good luck with the designs the bags and the future

  2. I got one of your bags at the Denver Film Festival a few years back and have used it every day since then, soooooooooooo it is a “bit” challenged at this point and I am needing a new one…..

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