The Atlantic Green Feature: Xanadu by Joshua Green

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How a California Couple Has Gone About Building the World’s Greenest Home

Atlantic Joshua Green Xanadu

Map of Xanadu: Joshua Green Reports for the Atlantic

In this month’s issue of the Atlantic magazine, my personal favorite, there is an interesting spread by Joshua Green on a California couple who has attempted to build the greenest home on the planet.

The story details the story of Paul Holland and Linda Yates, a Silicon Valley power couple who engaged with the most aggressive green measures in the construction of their 5,600 square foot luxury home, and ended up with the greenest house in the world.

Get full coverage of Joshua Green’s Atlantic article here.
Image / Map courtesy: The Atlantic, where the full map image lives.


  1. This is very interesting. It seems like the majority of their efforts were based on maximizing the natural flow of their house.
    Utilizing naturally occurring systems is a great way to conserve energy, just as turning off appliances when you are not home is an easy way to decrease energy consumption.

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