5 Ways to Go Green in the Garden or Yard

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How to Go Green in an Already Green Yard
go green in the yardDo you have a yard? That’s nice. I certainly wish I did. If you’re a homeowner, and unless you live in a true desert climate, chances are you have a little something “green” in your yard already. However, if you’re interested in “going green” WITH your yard, consider a few of the following tips to help out the environment while improving the aesthetics of your landscaping.

Add a Little More Green to “Go Green”

Cultivating, growing and utilizing plants and trees that are native to your home region are fantastic ways to help absorb the waste that we human beings are quickly releasing into the atmosphere. Not only will trees and plants help your green efforts, but they will also bump your property value and overall yard and/or landscaping aesthetics. Double bonus for anyone interested in building some equity and value into their home.

Raise Your Mower Blade

Mowing your lawn like it’s the fourth green on the local golf course is not only bad for your grass, it’s bad for the environment. It creates more rain run-off, which will eventually lead to more waste in our natural water supply. Mowing your grass at 3 or 4 inches in length will mean that you have 3 to 4 inches of root in the soil, helping to prevent weed overgrowth, while offering better overall health to your lawn.

Leave Your Clippings on the Lawn
When you’re mowing your grass a little bit longer, you’ll be mowing just as often, but with lighter and shorter clippings that basically amount to free food for your lawn.

If you choose to bag them, consider using your clippings in a mulch mixture to help keep your trees and plants moist during long, hot days, and warm when and if the cold weather arrives. By reusing, you can also have 100% organic mulch the way this tree removal company does it. They shred the trees into wood chips to create a nutrient rich mulch that can be used around plants.

Use an Electric Lawn Mower

The Neutron Electric Mower is a fine, quality item; the price tag isn’t “Wal-Martesque,” yet after 10 years or so, you’ll have reaped the cost difference two times over. No, these aren’t the old-school electrics that you have to plug in with an extension cord, and carefully navigate your mowing pattern. A full charge on this beast will give you a solid hour of a much quieter mowing experience.

Be Fertilizer Conscious

Use certified organic soils and fertilizer additives. To get the best results in your yard, consider finding a fertilizer base that is similar to the natural and native soil in your region. If you’re allowing your grass clippings to assist in the natural fertilization process, there probably isn’t much more you’ll need to do, so long as your lawn is receiving ample amounts of water and natural light.

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