5 Tools to Aid in Conscious Living and Relaxation

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soy candles

Light a Soy Candle or Try Aromatherapy Candles

Conscious living and relaxation — what is it? Simply put, you give fair thought to the things you do and realize that you are an effect from a cause, greatly affecting the world around you. Hang on a minute — my brain froze after that one.

 The clothes you wear, the snacks you eat, the books you read, the music you listen to — all those things and more can play into your conscious living.

For starters, you must realize that living consciously means that your life needs forms of relaxation.

 Regardless of who you are or what octane you like to run on, your body and daily living necessitates relaxation. So why not offer your bod something desirable as opposed to a necessity? You’ll be happier, healthier and get better overall performance from all your attributes.

Five Tools To Aid In Conscious (aka…BETTER) Living and Relaxation
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 Have you ever strutted around in some organic cotton? Better yet, have you purchased anything made from bamboo? Socks? Underwear? 

Don’t deny yourself such pleasures. Giving consideration to what you wear will not only renew your commitment to being Eco-Friendly, it will also serve as a conversation starter. There’s no better way to share some knowledge than by wearing it, and being asked about it!

There’s no better way to begin and end your day than with a little aromatherapy. Whether you prefer candles, oils, lotions or bath products, it’ll help you return to a balanced state and prepare to move forward in your life adventure. 

Some people don’t drink coffee more than twice a year, but they might LOVE to smell it in the morning. Now you can take a whiff of it whenever you need to just remember how rich life truly is. Whatever your aroma is (hopefully it’s legal, non-toxic and offers no health issues), take advantage of it on a regular basis.


 and Reading
Learn how to relax, get better physical performance from your body and find new ideas for recreation through any number of books. You can generally find such books in the “self help” sections of bookstores. 

However, the next time you’re looking for a little something new to aid in your relaxation, consider purchasing a book that focuses on your geographic region and find out how much you don’t know about where you live. Opportunities abound with knowledge.

I personally prefer music that moves me to act, as opposed to meditate. You may be the opposite. Perhaps that’s the beauty of music. It can evoke so many emotional, spiritual and physical responses that it is truly universal. If you’re looking for some great ambient sounds, music for Yoga or a great selection of New Age artists, Find Bliss Music also has some great offerings.

Who doesn’t love candles? Getting candles made of beeswax and soy makes all the difference. They’re perfect for meditation practices, or simply to help you relax after a long and tiresome day.

Get five more tools for more conscious living next week here!
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