5 More Tools to Aid in Conscious Living and Relaxation

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Meditation out in Nature

Last week we covered the first of a list of ten total methods to improving and enhancing overall relaxation. Relaxing and balancing work and play in life is essential to total well being. For some, relaxing isn’t easy. Check out another five tips to raising overall consciousness and improving your life, below.

Meditation Tools
This is a tricky one. You can’t automatically assume that green and conscious living ties everyone to the practice of Eastern based meditation. However, we all meditate, even if we don’t realize it. Some call it daydreaming, or even an intense period of thought or reflection. Regardless, consider how you do it and why. Perhaps some incense, candles or specific sounds will help you achieve your desired focus.

Spa and Beauty Products
Body and hand cremes are a delight, as well as organic lip balms — or chapstick for us dudes. For all of those things and more, I have to share my two favorite product lines: Eminence Organics and Malie – Kauai. You can’t go wrong with these products, and you’ll have such an appreciation for their environmental commitment.

Yoga Items
Yoga is such a wonderful activity for balance in all aspects of life. Consider investing in your practice with a few tools to help your sessions become more efficient. Mats, blankets, towels, blocks, bricks, straps, balls — they can all be used to help you advance in your Yoga practice.

Spa Treatments
Check out rA Organic Spa. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t frequent this joint. If you’re in the LA area, I highly recommend it. I never liked spas before this one, but as the name suggests, it’s all stripped down — well, stripped from pretension. 

It’s still a progressive idea to offer an organic atmosphere in a day spa, but if you find one, take advantage of the relaxation they offer. Even if you can’t find an organic spa, hire a massage therapist and supply some organic oils.

How about a bicycle? I prefer two wheels to four, via motorcycle or mountain bike. I’m of the strong persuasion that once someone gets a taste for two wheelin’, he’ll never want to go back. A bike is an aid for you more than your physical being, as you’ll become more mentally alert. All the while, you’ll help knock out some of the carbon emissions that are warming our planet.

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