5 Great Tips to Improve Your Winter Mood

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Dealing With the Winter Blues Naturally

improving winter mood naturally

Our moods take a setback when winter creeps in, and this is referred to as, seasonal affective disorders (SAD), which is quite normal in most cases. This is mainly due to shorter days which are cold and gloomy and the lack of natural sunlight, beneficial for the body. During winter, many people suffer from the effects of decreased energy and depression, which otherwise may not be apparent in summer. Of course, if you are having medical case of depression then you will need other solutions. In order to improve your mood during winter, here are a few techniques which can be quite beneficial.

1. Winterize Your Exercise Regime

Do not let your exercise regime come to a full stop just because it is winter. Of course, it is tiresome going to the gym during cold winter days, but muster up the courage by sticking to a routine which is suitable for you. If you prefer the open air and if you are willing to face the cold, you can still do your exercises out in the open. If not, keep a demo DVD and exercise in the warm comfort of your home by varying the sweat built up.

2. Eat Healthy to Maintain a Good Mood

Eating a healthy and balanced diet can be a great source of mood enhancer, especially in winter when your body requires more of the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Eat plenty of greens, nuts and fruits during the winter months as they are high in vitamin B folate. They can also be rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids which are good sources of carbohydrates and proteins. Avoid stimulants, fatty or sugary comfort food as these can raise your sugar level and make you extremely cranky. Go in for fiber rich food like oatmeal which helps in increasing serotonin, a feel good chemical in the brain and will also balance your sugar level.

3. Take in the Sunlight to Lift Your Spirits in February

Try to enjoy walks out in the little sunlight during winter as natural light is always a good mood enhancer to artificial lighting. Draw back your curtains to filter in the sunlight during the brightest part of the day, since the quality of light is more important than the quantity. Try to get as much of the natural vitamin D possible to stay happy. Vitamin D builds up serotonin and suppresses melatonin, a chemical responsible for that sluggish feeling. So breathe in the sunshine whenever possible to chase those blues away.

4. Go Outside and Enjoy the Winter Weather

Relish all the winter activities instead of sitting cooped up at home and being inactive. Go out with friends for skating, skiing or even to the mall, as these activities will keep your mood level up. Enjoy the other side of winter rather than dreading the chill by being more positive in your attitude. The more the activity level, the more you will find yourself feeling active and energetic. When you feel good, then your mood will automatically improve as well.

5. Dress Warm to Improve Winter Moods

It does not matter if you feel like some stuffed up teddy bear but do dress warm, as this will keep you from feeling the chill when you go outside. When you are cold, you feel sluggish and drained off energy and this can be quite a dampener on your spirits.

By taking note of these tips, you can help yourself in improving otherwise downcast winter mood. Above all, stay positive, as positive thoughts are always more mood enhancing than depressing thoughts.

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