3 Techniques to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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Do I Literally Have to Paint My House Green Though? going green at home

Rising fuel prices, limited energy resources, and an increased awareness about global warming has resulted in more and more homeowners trying to reduce their carbon footprint. It has never been more important to cut your home’s energy use to reduce the impact on the environment, as well as to save money on energy bills.

Everyone can implement small, basic ways to make their property more energy efficient. It doesn’t have to cost the Earth to be ‘green’ and you can start off simply by recycling and reusing where possible. This, in many areas of the UK, is not an option, but a mandatory task set by the local authority in order to reduce the town’s overall sustainability.

More Simple Techniques to Go Green in Your Life and Home

Further little techniques include replacing lighting and appliances with energy efficient bulbs. But what other methods can you apply to take it to the next level? Here are the top 3 ways to make your home more energy proficient.

  • Biomass pellet stoves

These are not that very well-known but biomass technology is hugely beneficial. Many boilers and radiators run on gas but this renewable energy solution uses pellets as a fuel type and they heat the home just as well. They are really sustainable and they can help to create an ambiance in a room’s décor.

  • Rainwater harvesters

This is a fairly novel concept and basically it is the collection of rainwater with a view to derive the maximum benefit from it. Rural areas have been collecting and using rainwater for centuries to wash their clothes and equipment but whether you are located in urban or rural environments, you can use the energy solution for tasks like washing the car, flushing the toilet or watering the garden. Please note the water is not suitable for drinking.

  • Solar panels

Solar panels are fantastic renewable energy solutions because the sun’s heat and light is unlimited. They are definitely worthwhile investments for the home and can be used to generate heating as well as electricity. Once they are installed, they generate sustainable energy for over 20 years to reduce your energy bills significantly and any units of power that you do not use can even be sold back to the Grid earning you an income. Eventually they will pay for themselves!

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This article was written as a guest post for Easy Ways to Go Green by Enerfina, the specialist renewable energy advisors. Speak to the experts today for independent advice on all sustainable energy solutions including a wood chip and log boiler, solar power, biomass technology and rainwater harvesters.

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