2010 World Cup South Africa: Eco Friendly Stadium Videos

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Videos on the Green Architecture of Soccer City: 2010 World Cup South Africa

As a follow-up post to last week’s top 5 eco-friendly soccer stadiums in South Africa for World Cup 2010, we did a bit of research and culled together a few videos on the same subject. Of the ten stadiums for World Cup 2010, only Soccer City will be used as the host stadium for both the opening and closing ceremonies, and re-construction was recently completed for the global event by architecture firm ABN Digital.

Soccer City: Green Architecture in South Africa for World Cup 2010

According to Fifa’s website, Soccer City in South Africa, the overall design of the soccer grounds was inspired by an iconic design for the country: an African pot known as the calabash. Adding to the overall visual appeal of the stadium is the flood of beautiful lights that bring the area into a glow at night. Soccer City is located in Johannesburg’s southwest, only a short distance from the township of Soweto.

The original stadium (the FNB Stadium), maxed out at a capacity of 80,000 in the stands. Recent upgrades during reconstruction involved extending the upper tier to increase the capacity to 84,490. Soccer City was reconstructed by architects Boogertman Urban Edge + Partners and global sports architecture firm Populous. According to the firms, “Soccer City has been rebuilt around the existing structural profiles of the previous stadium built in the mid 1980s and envelopes the upgraded triple-tiered seating bowl.” See a ton of amazing photographs of Soccer City here, at the Dezeen Design Magazine article about the architectural firm behind the new design of Soccer City in Johannesburg.

More Videos on Green Elements in Eco-Friendly World Cup 2010 Stadiums, South Africa

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