How to Have a Safe and Happy, Eco-Friendly Halloween

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Can Halloween Be Environmentally Friendly?

Halloween pumpkins

Halloween is a fun holiday where we can eat all of the candy we want and dress up in weird and funky costumes to scare each other. Along with any celebratory time, however, the holiday can also present special challenges. People can grow raucous and demanding, especially when blood sugar spikes and then ebbs, due to an excess of Snickers bars! It is possible to have fun and remain safe and eco-friendly on Halloween, just like any other day.

The typical Halloween traditional, of course, it to decorate your yard with ghosts, orange lights, and all manner of spooky paraphernalia. But in truth, this amounts to a load of plastic waste and electricity usage. This year, try to avoid turning your yard into a graveyard full of evil spiders or Grim Reapers, if you can help it. You can be festive without being wasteful!

Boycott Harmful Halloween Costumes

Many Halloween costumes are made of harmful non-recyclable synthetic and petro-based plastics, one of which is polyvinyl chloride (PV), which can release harmful toxins onto your skin and into the environment when it breaks down.

You can purchase or make a toxin-free Halloween costume by looking for fabrics that are made of natural, friendly materials such as cotton and linen.

Make Your Own Trick or Treat Bags

Although the classic pumpkin bucket used as a trick or treat bag is always a winner, it is also plastic! That means, its production was likely harmful to the environment, and the pumpkin is not necessarily a requirement for your Halloween costume.

Try any of these options as an alternative: a pillow case that’s color-coordinated with your costume, your spouse’s orange knit beanie, your two cupped hands, or even the front of your shirt. People will see you as chic and mark you as a true Halloween fashion rebel!

Give Out Organic Halloween Candy

The giant bags of bite-sized treats at your local supermarket are enticing but ultimately terrible for young (and old!) one’s teeth (unless you’re a dentist). They also contribute to a massive amount of excessive plastic wrappers that just fill up your trashcan.

Buying organic candy with less packaging can be a little bit more expensive, but the effort is far better for your eco-conscious lifestyle and the planet, in the long run.

Make Your Own Fake Blood

Most fake blood contains semi-toxic materials and is not good for your skin. There are many recipes on the Internet for making your own fake blood, most of which utilize edible things like Hawaiian punch and cornstarch!

Recycle as Much as You Can This Halloween

The plethora of candy wrappers, party streamers, and disposable cups leftover from Halloween parties can be dispiriting, but try to abstain from just chucking it all in the trash. Recycling still counts on the holidays, and will make your sugar hangover just a tiny bit better!

Have a Safe, Sane and Eco-Friendly Trick or Treat Day

These are only a few suggestions, of course. And there are many other easy ways you can have a green and eco-conscious Halloween this year! The key is to remember that the environment still exists and is still in trouble, even when you are enjoying yourself as Bone Didion or the American Gothic farmer!

This year, do your part and help the Earth, even while consuming delicious Halloween treats!

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