5 Ways Your Veterinary Clinic Can Go Green

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Appealing to Environmentally Aware Pet Owners

The rise of global warming means that we all must do our part in creating a greener planet, whether you’re a homeowner or a small business owner. And the drive to make your surroundings more eco-friendly isn’t just limited to a few obvious businesses, either. Extending through every potential industry, creating and maintaining green practices around the workplace includes making your veterinary practice more sustainable, too.

The task can be done in a wide variety of ways, such as making sure the pet medications you use are sourced from a reliable, ethical pharmacy, all the way to simply reducing the consumption of various medical resources in your practice. Read on to learn a few more ways that you can take your veterinary practice more green.

Go Paperless

Pet care and veterinary practice, like many other business to consumer operations, often means that a lot of paper is being used around the office, from the logging of medications to the various charts of each animal patient.

By investing in an electronic system that logs your medications and patient health, such as MyVetLink, you can practically eliminate paper use from your business practice. When you do have to use paper for certain things like issuing receipts to pet owners, just make sure to use at least 75% recycled paper.

Reduce Product Consumption Around the Office

In any medical practice, a lot of waste is produced, and much of it comes from packaging. The bubble wrap, styrofoam kernels, and plastic wrapping adds up in a hurry when the business is constantly receiving packages. To counter this, try ordering supplies in bulk, which will reduce the amount of individual packaging you end up taking in.

Compounding pharmacy Diamondback Drugs, one of the most reliable veterinarian pharmaceutical companies, offers this option directly to its customers, thereby appealing to the most savvy environmentalists among its clientele. In your vet practice, try to recycle as much of the packaging as you can. You can probably reuse and recycle many of the small products that veterinarians use in their practices, with only a little thought and care.

Reduce Water Usage

It is also important that you and your staff reduce the amount of needless water usage in your practice. This means investing in low-flow toilets, water efficient washing machines and dishwashers, and even a water catchment system to use when hosing down any outdoor areas. By utilizing these resources in your practice you will be able to reduce your water usage significantly.

green and sustainable veterinary practices

Increase Energy Efficiency

Another way you can green your practice is to make sure your energy usage is as efficient as possible. Remember the basics that we’ve all heard before: replace all of your light bulbs with CFL and LED ones, and don’t forget to turn off the lights when you exit a room. If you can, install skylights in various rooms of your practice, allowing the natural light of the sun to illuminate the front entrance, waiting rooms, and other parts of the office.

Reduce Chemical Product Use

As with any medical practice, a fair amount of chemicals will be involved in the process of maintaining cleanliness. It is possible to reduce unnecessary chemical product use, however. You can do this by using eco-friendly cleaning products exclusively, converting to digital radiography, and disposing of medical waste properly.

Greener Practice, Happier Patients

By taking these fairly easy steps to make sure your veterinary practice is as green as possible, you can establish a solid precedent for your staff and your patients. These simple steps allow will your veterinary practice to function smoother than ever, and in an environmentally friendly manner, too!

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