7 Amazing California Rebates for Solar Energy You Need to Know About

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Living in CA? Here’s the Solar Incentives That Matter Most

california solar incentives

There are a multitude of benefits to going solar in your home. By installing solar power panels and decreasing your energy spending in other ways, you save money, decrease your carbon footprint, and help battle against the armageddon-esque effects of global warming. There are also some fiscal benefits that many lucky Californians get to take advantage of!

California’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS) requires all utilities in the state to source 33% of their electrical generation from renewable resources by 2020. Thanks, Terminator! Here are a few amazing rebates for solar energy you need to know about.

Marin County: Wood Stove Replacement Rebate Program

This program is county-wide for Marin, and provides a rebate program to encourage homeowners to remove or replace harmful non-EPA certified wood stove burners with cleaner burning stoves. The incentive is $250, and in order to be eligible you must dispose of your harmful wood burning stove at an approved recycling facility.

San Francisco: Solar Energy Incentive Program

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) in conjunction with the City of San Francisco now provides incentives to residents and businesses who install solar power panel systems on their properties. In order to qualify for the rebate, the photovoltaic system must be at least one kilowatt in capacity.

Los Angeles: Solar Photovoltaic Incentive Program

The city of Los Angeles is offering incentives to residents who install photovoltaic systems in their residencies. The program is designed to encourage homeowners, businesses, and non-profits to invest in alternative energy resources. Additionally, it also aims to reduce the cost of installation of these systems.

Savings by Design Program

This program is offered by most major utilities programs, as well as the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. There are two incentive tracks, meant to integrate energy efficiency measures into construction and renovation projects. There are a range of services offered, from design assistance to owners’ incentives.

LED Street Light Program

This program is provided by Pacific Gas and Electric, and offers homeowners incentives for replacing customer-owned and maintained street lights with LED street lights billed by PG & E.

Prescriptive Rebates

This type of rebate is offered to homeowners who upgrade to more efficient LED lighting, water heaters, HVAC, and other types of home utilities. Offered by PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E.

Direct Install Program

This rebate is offered by SDG&E and is open to qualifying small business/commercial customers who have a small electric demand that doesn’t exceed 100 kW for three months. It provides free replacement of certain types of equipment as well.

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