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How You Can Make 2017 A Little Greener

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Coming Up With a Green 2017 Resolution

2016 was admittedly a rough year for most and as such, many people are looking forward to 2017 in hopes of a brighter future. Well, you can play a large role in that, and a considerable one, in fact.

Now, you may not be able to have an effect on politics or the economy or put an end to terrorism. However, you can play a big part in making sure that Earth is chugging along for just a little bit longer.

If you really are hoping for a better year, try getting family, friends, and even colleagues involved in your conservation attempts. Here are some ways to kickstart 2017 off the right (and green) way.

Say Goodbye to Plastic Bags for Good

Yes, yes this is something that has been repeated so often that it can often feel as though it has lost all meaning. One of the problems with trying to ditch plastic bags is many people forget just how much they use them in daily life. Once you realize just how much you need them, many people go right back to using them.

Take, for instance, rubbish bags. One of the reasons that plastic bags are so prevalent is because many individuals do not know what else they can use as trash bags. After all, it is a bit disgusting to think of tossing your leftover food straight into the trashcan.

A good way to overcome this obstacle is by composting as much of your leftovers as you possibly can. This way, you will largely be left with dry goods that do not require plastic bags to hold them.

Look to Solar Energy

It does not matter where you live in the world, your electricity bills probably make you wince each month. If you are tired of this happening, why not try for an alternative that will not only reduce costs but also will be better for the environment? Solar installers know how important it is to get new customers — not just for the bottom line, but also for the environment too, so they’re ready and waiting to make the solar dream come true.

This, of course, is in the form of solar energy and solar panels. If you are reluctant about making the change, think about this statistics for a moment. Companies such as Sunlife Solar will help to reduce your utility bills around 20 to 30 percent! They will even help to ease some of your payment concerns by offering great financing plans to homeowners. This begs the question, now that there are no more excuses, what is holding you back?

Change Your Mode of Transportation

Cars and vehicles are so comfortable that many people tend to use them a lot more than they need to. One of the best things that you can do for the environment is to try to use your car less.

Not only are you minimizing your carbon footprint, but you are also saving yourself some gas money. Try walking as much as you can – this will also help you to get a lot healthier. Why not invest in a bicycle for longer distances?

In addition to exercise, you will also be able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Of course, in some instances, you will simply need to use your vehicle. Even then, try to carpool when possible. Just imagine, if everyone did this more, traffic would be so much better!

These are just a few ways that you can start the New Year the right way. It will help you feel better and certainly help the environment.

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