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Like to Gamble? Go Green by Moving Online

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Looking for Another Way to Go Green With Your Money?

It’s hard to argue with the appeal of a brick and mortar casino. The bright lights, the cocktail servers in their special outfits, the free drinks, the additional amenities, the extra oxygen pumped through the ventilation system to keep you happy at gambling, all these brilliant bits add up to a great casino experience – one in which you may not really mind parting with most of the contents of your wallet.

But the casino experience comes with a greater expense than you may not have considered: the cost to the environment.

Unless you happen to live in a city with legalized gambling, or nearby a reservation casino in the U.S., then chances are strong that you’ll have to travel to get to your casino experience.

Adding the aforementioned bright lights, pumping of extra oxygen, and the ubiquitous air conditioning that seems to go hand in hand with brick and mortar gambling to the fuel miles it will take you to travel to the casino experience of your choice, and you’ve contributed many times your annual share of green house gases to the atmosphere.

So why not just gamble from the safety, security, and comfort of your own home instead?

Online Gambling Has Come a Long Way

Online gambling has grown considerably since its Internet infancy. There are many more casinos to choose from than there are in the physical world, including casinos that cater to slot machine fanatics, online poker enthusiasts, and even sites set up to take the place of the sports bookmaker like

According to the Wikipedia entry on online gambling, it has “become one of the most popular and lucrative business present on the Internet… due to the wide range of gambling options that are available to facilitate many different types of people.” Recent articles on the BBC and have also backed up this position on the move to Internet gambling.

Online Gambling Has Conveniences

Besides the attraction to some of being able to play Texas hold’em in their BVDs, and the attraction to others of not having to carry cash to and from a brick and mortar establishment that may not be conveniently located, online casinos have offered gamblers a wide variety of additional amenities as well.

Some sites like offer analysis and odds information, all conveniently gathered up in one place. Many others offer tutorials for those new to gambling or looking to get into a new game or type of wagering. Because of the low overhead and natural scaling of business that the Internet seems bred for, online gambling sites are very service oriented.

Save the Fuel and the Travel Time, Gamble from Home on the Internet

If you’re concerned at all about the environment, global warming, and climate change, taking some or all of your entertainment activities online is a great way to minimize your personal ecological footprint.

Online casinos may not offer you free drinks and scantily clad cocktail servers, you may have to suffer through gambling without the false confidence born of extra oxygen in the atmosphere, but you won’t be contributing to one of the least green sectors of the entertainment industry, and you can still get your wager on.

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