The 10 Best Eco Friendly Gifts to Buy for Your Family This Christmas

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Going Green and Helping Others to Do the Same This Year

You want to get your family the best gifts ever, so they will love you unconditionally and not be irked when you forget to call grandma on her birthday (and have not done for the past few years…?) and also possibly do some of your chores that are still somehow your chores even though you haven’t lived at home for the past 10 years. Like empty the trash, once it is literally overflowing.

You also want to get gifts that will not set off your liberal arts cousin who wears only hemp sweaters and vegan clogs. We have compiled a list of the 10 best eco friendly gifts to buy for your family this holiday, so Liz can get off her high horse!

And Finally… the Eco-Friendly Gift List!

1) Bamboo toothbrush; Plastic is made with petroleum, which is definitely not eco-friendly! A bamboo toothbrush is the perfect stocking stuffer! The buy-one-get-one-free model also makes you, the buyer, feel good! The company Smile Squared has an attractive version for $5.95

2) Organic Cotton Robe; There is nothing better on Christmas Day than waking up, putting on a soft robe that is essentially a blanket with sleeves, and sipping a warm cup of coffee around the kitchen table with your family. $98

3) Infinity scarf; This infinity scarf is soft, cute, and definitively ethically sourced! The website Fashioning Change has scannable QR codes that allows you to see the product’s supply-chain details. For example, this scarf was made from cotton and hemp in Los Angeles! $19.98

4) Solar powered phone charger; The idea of having a dead phone is a terrifying prospect for most, and sometimes we don’t always have our chargers on hand. This small, portable, solar-powered charger will ensure you are never stranded on the side of the road without the ability to charge your dead phone! $16.99

5) Homemade terrarium; You can either put together or buy a DIY terrarium kit, which will spruce up your sister’s New York apartment, your father-in-law’s home office, or would make a great project for the kids! This one is a DIY or you can buy a terrarium here from Etsy, which has a lot of eco-friendly options that also allows you to support small independent businesses!

6) These soaps from Herban Lifestyle are made from fair-trade, organic ingredients and packages them in aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly packaging. Herban’s products include a beard cleaning kit and soap made from three different types of beer! What’s not to love? $11-40

7) For your uncle who has crazy anecdotes about his European travels and constantly waxes his overly curled mustache, perhaps an absinthe organic infusion kit would be perfect! This eco-friendly gift comes with a 500ML glass bottle and 11 organic herbs with which your uncle can make his own drink.

8) Give the gift of a panda or a giraffe – a real animal, in a far-off location. Adopt an exotic animal through the World Wildlife Foundation! Your niece who loves horses and books would also probably love to be the absentee patron of an African elephant! Feel good while saving an endangered species!

9) Give your aunt who reads Agatha Christie novels and knits sweaters for her chickens the gift of a Nalgene water bottle, for when she gets an urge to take up mountaineering and needs to hydrate with something more than three cups of black tea a day! This reusable water bottle will save money on plastic water bottles which are harmful to the environment.

10) Give your most yoga-obsessed friend the gift of a soy wax candle that smells like patchouli, which don’t give off harmful synthetic chemicals like regular candles.

Remember — Make Your Holidays Stress Free!

The holidays are stressful enough, make it less stressful by giving your family eco-friendly gifts that reduce the stress on the environment and on your conscious! These thoughtful and environmentally friendly gifts will please your friends and family and make for a delightful gift-giving season!

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