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6 Actions You Can Take From Home to Resist the Dakota Access Pipeline

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Take Action Against Development of the Dakota Access Pipeline

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) is a proposed oil pipeline that would run through 1,100 miles of land, including tribal territory, from North Dakota to Illinois. The pipeline has the potential to taint drinking water and contaminate reservation land, should some kind of error or leakage occur.

Folks at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation have organized monumental efforts to halt the construction of the pipeline, but they are up against big oil companies, banks, and the U.S. government. The protest has turned into a full time job for many brave demonstrators at Standing Rock, but not everyone can use their physical body as a way of protest.

In this article, we’ll discuss some ways that you can join the effort to protect the water at Standing Rock and beyond, without actually having to be physically present at the protest.

1) Read Up on the Dakota Access Pipeline

The Dakota Access Pipeline threatens both social justice and environmental justice – it’s an incredibly complex matter that can be hard to understand at first. The best way to grasp what’s at stake is to educate yourself.

To those ends, there are a lot of amazing resources online, including the Standing Rock website. Make sure that you are reading from reputable sources and prioritizing Native narratives in your research; there is a great article by Kelly Hayes on Transformative Spaces that highlights one native’s perspective.

2) Donate to the Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance Effort

The folks at Standing Rock are constantly in need of resources. You can donate online or through mail, find details at the Standing Rock website. Sacred Stone has a list of physical items that the water protectors at Standing Rock need.

3) Divest Yourself of Connected Holdings

DAPL development is heavily funded by big banks and other corporations, so one of the best ways to join the movement is to ditch companies that have fiscal stakes in the construction of the pipeline. has compiled a list of the banks and other business that have invested in the pipeline into an easy to read graphic.

4) Invest Your Money in the Resistance to DAPL

Put your money where your mouth is by investing in businesses, artists, and collectives that have joined the efforts against DAPL. Attend local fundraisers that raise money and awareness about the battle at Standing Rock. You can find a comprehensive list of celebrities and companies that have donated in some form toward the cause here.

5) Call Government Agencies and Officials to Protest DAPL Development

Calling government officials, the Army Corps of Engineers, or Energy Transfer Partners to oppose construction has a huge impact. You can also contact the CEO of your bank, which probably has a stake in the pipeline.

6) Talk (and Listen), With the Hashtag #NODAPL

By posting on social media using #nodapl, you join the online movement. Follow and repost current social media activists so that you can stay up to date on important information. Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) is a great community, both online and off, that organizes local rallies, meetups, and information sessions.

Don’t Back Down From the Dakota Access Pipeline Effort

Not everyone has the ability to go to Standing Rock, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join the battle against DAPL. This list is meant for those of us who want to resist the pipeline from home. The Dakota Access Pipeline is a dire issue – everyone has a job to do, and every action counts.

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