Quick Recycling Tip: How to Recycle Traditional Wine Corks

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This post is part of an attempt to do something like 100 recycling tips for damn near anything in something close to, anyway, 100 days. We’ll see how that goes. When the 100 Recycling Tips are all published here on Easy Ways to Go Green, we’ll do a master list so that every link exists on one single page for everyone to be able to link over to, or to use as a reference guide when questions on how to recycle different things in your life inevitably come up.

How to Recycle 100 Common Things: #15 Recycling Old Wine Corks

How to Recycle Traditional Wine Corks

How to Recycle Traditional Wine Corks

In the last post, we discussed our shared love of drinking wine, with regard to whether or not plastic wine corks can be recycled. But with only about 9% of wine bottles being produced with the synthetic corks today in the world, one has to imagine that between 70 and 90% of all bottles, which likely numbers in the millions, are made with true cork for the stopper.

As with recycling plastic of any kind, taking care of the eco-friendly business with plastic corks is simple if you knew what bin and what other plastic goods to toss the old corks in with. But true cork? What many people do not know, especially given the slight ground swell of manufacturers and greenies in the US pushing for the abandonment of true cork in bottling, is that Cork is a sustainable resource, and as it is harvested in principal countries like Portugal, cork trees are a vital natural resource and as such, receive much protection and consideration from the government.

If you compost, then remember that traditional wine corks may be thrown into the compost pile successfully, while synthetic corks cannot. If you do not compost, don’t fret. There are literally tons of organizations that want you to send them your cork. As a re-usable resource, cork can be made into just about anything from corkboards to cork flooring, and there are companies out there begging for the material.

Helpful Links on Recycling Traditional Wine Corks:

Search by “Wine Corks” and “Your City Name or Zip Code” at Earth 911 and find the closest recycling center near you.

Check out Treehugger for an interesting bit of history on Plastic Wine Corks versus traditional cork.

Professor’s House offers some answers on how to recycle Plastic Wine Corks.

All Whole Foods stores to recycle wine corks press release at Earth 911.

Yemm & Hart Green Materials has tons of information on what they make with recycled or reclaimed cork.

Recycle This UK on what to do when you recycle or re-use wine corks.

ReCork Wants Your Cork! Click the link to learn how they promote the successful re-use of a renewable resource.

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